Prefabrication maximizes quality, continuity and reduces completion times by pre-planning, detailing projects and implementing best practices from the start. By supplying the installation team with systems prior to installing on site, prefab can increase project efficiency and eliminate waiting on materials, so even the most fast-tracked projects can be completed on schedule.

In a competitive market, UEC Inc. stays ahead of the game in prefab by seeking out new methods and opportunities to increase quality and ensure efficiency on job sites during installation. We take time to evaluate the scope of work beforehand and from there determine the most effective way to build the project. In order to provide the most competitive price and savings to our customers, prefabrication is often used to help reduce labor cost and keep projects on schedule, if not ahead.

Many aspects of a job can be handled by our prefab department, but these are some of the most common:

  •  Outlet boxes
  •  Conduit Bends for Both Power & Low-Voltage Applications
  •  Pre-wiring panels
  •  Temporary Power Units
  •  Larger Precut Cables & Wires
  •  Precut Unistrut Racks for Conduit Runs
  •  Hangers, Brackets & Supports


Prefabrication offers many benefits that make a difference to our customers and their project:

  •  Utilizes BIM (Building Information Modeling) Software
  •  Jobsite and Worker Safety
  •  Time Saving / Schedule Advantages
  •  Labor and Material Savings
  •  Controlled Environment for Increased Quality Control
  •  Increased Field Productivity
  •  Reduces Trade Congestion