Electrical Prefabrication

“Prefabrication maximizes quality”
“UEC is an underwriter lab certified location”

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a global independent safety science company that offers expertise across three strategic businesses: Commercial & Industrial, Consumer, and UL Ventures. UL is a proven symbol of trust, enabling them to help provide peace of mind to all.

UL and UEC have combined forces and partnership with our Prefabrication Shop to produce high-quality electrical products to a wide variety of markets and uses.
UEC is now a producer of high-quality ICP Industrial Control Panels certified through the 508a UL Listing program. UEC will build or recreate any ICP Panel needed for your project or business.

UEC is also identified as a Wiring Assembly facility, certified through the new QQYZ UL Listing program. This incorporates a wide variety of premanufactured switches, plugs and standard 125-200 amp panels assemblies. Ask our UEC team what we can build or produce for you today. These products all fall under the ANSI/NFPA 70 – “National Electric Code” (NEC)

The Importance of Electrical Prefabrication

Electric  prefabrication maximizes quality, continuity and reduces completion times by pre-planning, detailing projects and implementing best  practices from the start. By supplying the installation team with  electrical systems prior to installing on-site, the electrical prefab  process can increase project efficiency and eliminate waiting on  materials, so even the most fast-tracked projects can be completed on  schedule.


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United Electric Contractors Unparalleled Expertise 

In a competitive market, United Electrical Contractors  Inc. stays ahead of the game in regards to our electric prefabrication  process by seeking out new methods and opportunities to increase quality  and ensure efficiency on job sites during installation. With our comprehensive check list to verify components and systems, quality is double checked before leaving prefab operation shop every time. We take time to  evaluate the scope of work beforehand and from there determine the most  effective way to build the project. In order to provide the most  competitive price and savings to our customers, prefabrication is often  used to help reduce labor costs and keep projects on schedule, if not  ahead.


In 2017, United Electrical Contractors, Inc. committed itself to developing a large Prefabrication Department. A dedicated staff of qualified electricians who are experts in this field, work full-time on prefabricating the repetitive key parts of electrical projects ahead of time. We are constantly improving techniques and developing innovative ways to maintain our status as a leader in our industry.


United Electrical Contractor Inc.’s  electrical prefabrication ensures customer satisfaction for general contractors and the owner. As we are pre-planning, detailing projects, and implementing best practices, we maximize quality, consistency, continuity and reduce completion times. Our contractors experience increased profit margins and the customers or owners realize decreased expenses.


By supplying the electrical installation team with prefabricated systems prior to installation, the prefabrication process increases project efficiency and eliminates waiting on materials. Even the most fast-tracked projects can be completed on schedule thanks to this method.

Electrical Prefabrication Projects

Center City District, East Lansing, MI:

Design Build Project, 12 Story Commercial & Student Housing or Apartments.

Carter Lumber, Lansing, MI:

Design Build Project, New Truss Manufacturing Facility

Farwell Building, Detroit, MI:

Design Build Project, renovating a 1920’s 10 Story Commercial Building into mix use

Commercial & New Modern Apartments

Collegian North, Ann Arbor, MI:

Design Build Project, 12 Story Commercial & Student Housing or Apartments.

The Hub, East Lansing, MI:

Design Build Project, 11 Story Commercial & Student Housing or Apartments.


  •  Utilizes BIM (Building Information Modeling) Software
  •  Job-site and Worker Safety
  •  Time Saving / Schedule Advantages
  •  Labor and Material Savings
  •  Controlled Environment for Increased Quality Control
  •  Increased Field Productivity
  •  Reduces Trade Congestion


  • Drill Press
  • Electric Metal Clad Cable Splitter
  • Wire Length Counter 
  • Pig Tail Wire Cutter & Stripper
  • Hydraulic Bracket Bender
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Large Horizontal Band Saw
  • Pneumatic Tools
  • Power Conduit Benders
  • Power Conduit Threaders
  • Power Reamer
  • Production Work Benches
  • Assembly Work Stations


  •  Outlet boxes
  •  Conduit Bends for Both Power & Low-Voltage Applications
  •  Pre-wiring panels 
  •  Temporary Power Units
  •  Larger Precut Cables & Wires
  •  Precut Unistrut Racks for Conduit Runs
  •  Hangers, Brackets & Supports

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