People often find themselves tackling minor electrical issues and projects around their home. But when it comes to more complicated issues, they often ask “When should I call an electrician?”

Common safety problems include:

  • Circuit breakers/fuse are tripping often and need constant attention
  • Lights dim in a room when big appliances like A/C or the refrigerator turn on
  • Hear a sparking sound when flipping a switch
  • Smell something burning
  • Lights are flickering for no apparent reason
  • The power strip is overloaded or better yet, two power strips running off one socket
  • 3 prong plug will not fit in your 2 prong sockets
  • Running extension cords on a regular basis

Other convenience opportunities include:

  • Add recessed lights to an existing room
  • Protect expensive computer or TV and stereo equipment with their own circuit
  • Wish those speakers wires or network cables could be hidden behind the walls
  • Want to replace your old 2 prong plugs with modern 3 prong plugs
  • Want to add a dimmer switch or a new ceiling fan

There are a wide variety of both safety and convenience reasons to hire a licensed electrical contractor. We look forward to solving whatever your electrical needs are. Call an electrician today!

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