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What Is a Power Surge?

It's raining really hard outside and you've been looking forward to settling down and binge-watching your favorite television show. You're at the end of an episode where you're just about to find out who the killer is when the power suddenly goes out. The...

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Dangers of Electric Space Heaters

Are you thinking about purchasing an electric space heater for your home? Electric space heaters are popular common household items for a variety of reasons. They’re portable, they’re cost-effective, they’re energy efficient, and they’re the perfect way to...

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What is Dirty Power?

So what is Dirty power?   You've probably heard the term "dirty power". It can cause strange occurrences, or sudden failures, in appliances and electronics around your home or business. The definition of dirty power varies from region, but here it refers to...

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Electrical Wiring 101

Homeowner basics & Need-To-Knows There are plenty of new homeowners that know very little about how their home is wired. As long as everything is working, there is no need, right? Some people think they don't need to know the basics, but we can explain why it's...

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SkyVue Apartments Grand Opening Coming Soon!

Just-In-Time For The Fall Semester Cooperating with Wolverine Building Group, United Electrical Contractors completed the electrical construction for SkyVue apartments on time and within budget and is finally set to open very soon! The grand opening is scheduled for...

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ABC Has Awarded Us Platinum Safety Status!

We have been awarded PLATINUM status for safety from ABC. The Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. conducts an evaluation of the safety training for companies of any size. The Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP), is a tool used for benchmarking and...

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Get To Know Your Electric Dryer

Why do electric dryers use different outlets? Electric dryers draw tons of current. In fact, it needs twice the voltage to operate than standard outlets, at 240V to be exact, therefore you will notice it uses a different outlet. This prevents using appliances on...

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Is a generator right for your home?

Emergency Power Whether you need 24/7 electrical up-time, or you experience frequent blackouts, or even worried about losing power during heavy storms, you should consider getting a generator as a permanent addition to your home. What are the benefits of getting a...

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When should I call an electrician?

People often find themselves tackling minor electrical issues and projects around their home. But when it comes to more complicated issues, they often ask "When should I call an electrician?" Common safety problems include: Circuit breakers/fuse are...

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How Should Outlets Be Installed In The Kitchen?

Kitchen Outlets The type of outlets that are commonly questioned is how should outlets be installed In the kitchen. It is very important that the rules below are followed mainly for safety. In kitchens and dining areas, a receptacle outlet shall be installed at each...

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What Size Electrical Sub Panel Do I Need?

Electrical Sub Panel Installation Guide An electrical sub panel can vary in size and purpose. A 100 amp circuit is the minimum in most states, although with all the new electronic devices (computers, printers and TVs), air conditioning and electric heat, we suggest...

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Home Electrical Safety Checklist

Electrical Safety Checklist Every year, electrical products are associated with injuries, deaths, and fires in homes. Download this Home Electrical Safety Checklist to spot possible safety problems before they occur. This checklist is a room-by-room guide...

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How Much Can I Do Myself?

DIY Electrical Work Most states allow you to do whatever you want to your home. Although electrical work is not without its risks. The question comes down to what are you willing to risk in order to save money. Electricians go through a tremendous amount...

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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter vs Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter   GFCI vs AFCI. What is the real difference between an AFCI and a GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter? The principal distinction between the two is that a GFCI is designed to protect...

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AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter)

What is an AFCI? The “AFCI” is an arc fault circuit interrupter. AFCIs are newly-developed electrical devices designed to protect against fires caused by arcing faults in the home electrical wiring. What is the problem? Annually, over 40,000...

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GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)

What is a GFCI? A ground fault circuit interrupter, called a GFCI or GFI, is an inexpensive electrical device that can either be installed in your electrical system or built into a power cord to protect you from severe electrical shocks. GFCIs have played...

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How Many Outlets Do I Need?

Electrical Outlets Often DIY builders ask the question, "How Many Outlets Do I Need?" The real answer is, it depends. Electrical outlets must be installed in every kitchen, family room, dining room, living room, parlor, library, den, sunroom, bedroom,...

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